Antique furniture

The Appartement is a space reinvented by RV74. This is a black and white toile conçue pour se transformer à chaque saison en fonction de qui y habite. In this first edition, we now have the world's most exciting and memorable moment by Inés Ybarra, creative director and co-founder of CASAHARI STUDIO with a group of collaborators who are created by the world.

"This fusion of elements to create the world of Inés arises from manière très naturelle, sa passion pour l'art et le design d'intérieur et notre cherche de beauté imparfaite et de pièces uniques, font de this union quelque chose que nous "ne pouvions tout simply pas sortir de notre esprit."

The Appartement vibrates with light with the presence of works with the cells of Brianda Fitz-James Stuart for what it means to rest in movement, voyager vers des univers pleins de mythes, d'animaux, de corps nus et de symbols.

Antique furniture

Find the pieces that make up the world's choice with a unique filter, transforming the space initially into your own apartment. The CASAHARI tables evoke the liveliness of the bonbons with the brilliant shimmering lacquer, the unique works of Clara Cebrián, the artisanal bougies of Copito, the mobile lamps made by the Kauani brand and the dreamlike floral compositions of Alex F. Banegas, ont created a fantastic atmosphere in The Apartment.

This première édition is the debut of an initiative where the mission is inspiring and fair, in opening the world's invitations to the world and the world's most important personnel with the help of RV74.

Antique furniture

Venez discover « L'Appartement x Inés Ybarra » on March 20 and April 20 at 8 rue Martin Machío. Nous vous attendons de l'autre côté de la porte.

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