Japanese Oiseaux (120x120 cm)

Japanese Oiseaux (120x120 cm)

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Mural printed on a delicate patchment effect recycled paper. The paper has been treated to give it an aged appearance and a delicate texture, forming folds and roughness. It is a limited edition. It comes with a wooden frame for hanging.

Measurement: 120cmx120cm.

Delivery time 4 weeks.

We like it for:

1 The wealth provided by its special aged texture.
2 Its decorative character can transform any space in a very short time.
3 Its exotic air transports us to another place.

The mural is delivered rolled up in a tube. For proper unpacking, we recommend removing it carefully and spreading it out on a flat surface.

Japanese Oiseaux (120x120 cm)

Regular price €225,00
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