altin furniture

CASA RV74 is a new world where the limits between reality and dream are blurred. Creativity and technology elevate our pieces to a new dimension. An illustrated dream house to inspire you and make you fly far away with our unique furniture and objects.

The house of our dreams is a space full of life, in which it is the small, almost imperceptible moments that build a place in the universe that is ours alone. At CASA RV74 there are always freshly cut flowers waiting to be the protagonists amid laughter and bustle.

We cannot imagine a better welcome than that of our most faithful companion.

It is the small details that give life to our house. Where perfection is sometimes lost among the closets. Or that unnoticed ray of sunlight that sneaks through the curtains, illuminating the headboard as it passes, while we enjoy the last moments between the sheets.

Il dolce far niente, enjoying a quiet afternoon allowing ourselves the luxury of doing nothing but resting and reading.

The kitchen, the soul of our house, where aromas intertwine with laughter and flavors become memories. Where without understanding it, there is always room for someone else who wants to join at any time.

CASA RV74 is a product of your imagination, created so that you can get lost in it. Our doors will always be open to welcome you.