Voyage. Rwanda

Welcome to Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills. 

This Voyage is undoubtedly the most special of the year that we close. It is the journey to the immense gratitude that we feel towards all of you right now. Many of you may not know it, but 4% of our profits go to the Inshuti Kibuye association.

On the shores of magical Lake Kivu, Angela Huergo directs the Inshuti association (friendship in Kinyarwanda), a school education project that accompanies the personal and intellectual growth of 105 children in precarious situations and extreme poverty. Countless children roam the hills, they are alone since they learn to walk, sometimes they go in groups, sometimes aimlessly and many times they are working helping their mothers in the fields. Ángela offers them a real opportunity to get ahead, education and daily nutrition, accompanied by a lot of love and motivation so that the level of involvement of the families and children is equal to or greater than that of Ángela and her team.

Your contributions, no matter how small, can change the lives of many of these children who have not had our luck.

Your donation.


Ángela Huergo with her association Inshuti directs a school education project and offers an opportunity to homeless children with the aim of turning these children into future men and women capable of changing the world in which they live.

4% of our profits go to the Inshuti association in Kibuye (Rwanda).

It is the journey to gratitude.



Rwanda is moving and surely you will not be the same again after discovering this small country in the heart of Africa. With the specter of the terrible genocide of 1994, the country has achieved relative political and social stability, although after those silent smiles, it is still very much present among its survivors and descendants.
Known as The land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is a tropical paradise where everything is green mountains, forests, jungles, huge lakes and a vibrant capital called Kigali. Although if there is something overwhelming in this red land, it is the region of the Virunga Volcanoes, where the last population of mountain gorillas is found. It may take many hours until you find one of these nomadic families, but when you do, you will live a stealth encounter in the vastness of the jungle that will change your soul forever. So human, so sensitive, so equal to us that you can contemplate them for hours to understand where we come from and how we are. 
Its craftsmanship inspired by its own nature, is rich in colors and braiding. It is a field of women who reveal their wise techniques from generation to generation. They are grouped into cooperatives to defend their interests and value their unique creations.

And from there they inspire us, excite us, and fuel our creativity. 


DRAFT: Angela Huergo VIDEO: Bratvolk studio