Voyage. NY

Welcome to NY.
We present a tour of various galleries between Soho, Queens and Chelsea,
with a single selection connected with
ancient traditions and heritage
from different corners of the world.

Voyage. NY

"The best of Route It has been to discover how craftsmanship and centuries-old techniques from any corner of the world have been elevated to pieces of art and contemporary design in many of the city's representative galleries. From RV74 we join African curatorship, alabaster, curved ceramics and carved noble woods.”

                    Piluca Bone | 10.2022 NY


Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Queens, the Noguchi Museum occupies a 20s industrial building, the facility offers an intimate and thoughtful space to experience Noguchi's sculpture and design, fulfilling a vision the artist considered essential to his work. life. Monolithic pieces in basalt stone dance in an industrial environment that gives way to a garden designed for meditation and contemplation.


Not far away in Queens, The Somerset House brings together a cross-section of cultures and eras from mid-century Italian and Danish, to Baroque and Primitive-influenced pieces. Its creator Alan Eckstein is a master of vintage and of the unique pieces, his space is moving and not only because of his furniture but because of Alan's "lei motiv", his pieces make him feel alive.


From Queens to Chelsea, we enter Les Ateliers Courbet, established in 2013 by Mélanie Courbet, the gallery was born with the intention of sharing with the world the deep appreciation of master craftsmen. The gallery is a hymn to the painstaking work of master craftsmen who have almost disappeared. Millennial traditions of marquetry, wood crafts, ceramics, sewing, all of them together in a place of worship rooted in endless travels around the world.



Dear Rivington is a concept store/gallery with a sample of the ceramic work of the artist HeyJa between looms and vintage patchwork Japanese. A good Asian-African fusion.

VIDEO: John Brest


Envisioned and founded by Japanese-American sculptor and designer,
is a journey through his art and legacy.
9-01 33rd Rd, Queens, NY

It brings together a collection of pieces carefully selected by Alan Eckstein, its creator. An attractive mix of cultures and eras dominated by mid-century Italian and Danish pieces.
10-25 48th Ave, Queens, NY

Known for her mastery of contemporary craftsmanship and the study of centuries-old legacies. Its different rooms reveal an exhibition of timeless design pieces. A dialogue between workshops and artists.
134 10th Ave, New York, NY

This "Concept Store" located in Noho offers a careful selection of avant-garde fashion combined with antiques, crafts and Japanese art.
37 Great Jones St, New York, NY

The gallery houses a careful selection of international contemporary design.
405 Broome Street, New York, NY

Located in Greenwich Village, this gallery brings together a selection of pieces by emerging and established contemporary designers from around the world.
Its founders Jared Heinrich and Aric Yeakey, in addition to their exquisite artistic vision, offer custom design and manufacturing services. 
214 Sullivan Street, 2D New York, NY

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