Voyage. Indira Paganotto & David Morago

While Morago captures her creations on her immense monochrome canvases, Indira composes the songs in her studio that later come to light in the best clubs in the world. Music and art fill their lives, and although they are citizens of the world they have built their dream home in the Sierra de Madrid, an oasis full of peace reminiscent of the island of Lanzarote, where they live with the rest of the family, Tekila & Bacon. Welcome.

It is in their blood, David, son and grandson of artists, spent a large part of his childhood between canvases, and in the Museum of Natural Sciences, where he analyzed and contemplated static animals, as well as their records and catalogues, all these experiences are the culprits of his representative and recognized hyper-realistic style so linked to nature.

"Our house is part of our work."

“Living here is something inspiring."


Indira, half Italian, half Canarian, inherited from her father her sensitivity to music and her free character, a doctor by profession and a DJ in the 90s in Goa, from her Italian mother, she gets strength and character, both inspired Indira to precociously start creating music at the age of 16. She today travels the planet through the best clubs in the world, designs fashion, cooks and creates in each of her facets.

"This house is like a temple for us, it is a place that fills us with peace."

"Being an artist is being a person who seeks the authentic truth."


PHOTOGRAPHY: Martha Tena · VIDEO: bratvolk