Outdoor Collection SS/23

Outdoor Collection SS/23

We present Casa Kitula I SS 2023.
The Kitula & RV74 universe is hidden in a splendid XNUMXth century Riad.

What was once part of the Kalif Palace, today houses the first/summer collection of RV74. Between patinated Moorish doors, greenish and blue carved tiles, the sound of birds and the most exuberant vegetation, RV74 launches a collection that has a lot of Ourika, Fez and Marrakech for its craftsmanship, history and know-how, but also a lot of Amalfi, Biarritz, Positano and Palm Springs for their vibrant colors and patterns.

Armchairs and sofas upholstered in colored stripes, cabins designed for storage, Zellige tables made in Ourika artisan workshops, copper lanterns, umbrellas and extraordinary pieces designed for the pleasure of being outdoors always surrounded by beauty.

“Kitula is our home, here the furniture blends into the environment.”


“A fresh and exuberant oasis that welcomes the collection
to continue writing his story.”


Welcome to
Garden Collection.

SPACE: Riad Kitula (Marrakech)